Transforming Businesses with Innovation

& Engineering

Your business with a hands-on intelligent partner to help you define, design, and deliver results. Our team of analysts, designers and engineers are your trusted IT allies.

Digital Product Development

Effective Digital Product Development is about creating a product people are willing to fold into their lives. We develop digital, customer-first products tailored to your business vision.

& Strategy

Listening to the market needs is the key to innovate. We scale that research and turn it into a strategy. We analyze, plan and implement new strategies and digital innovations for your company.


world-class software solutions

Agile Development
Web & Mobile
Minimum Viable Product
Data Science & AI / ML
DevOps & CloudOps
Testing & QA Services
UI/UX Design
Internet of Things (IoT)

Our Company


What we believe reflects on what we deliver


Intelligent ways of doing things and solve problems


Printing passion at every step of the development process


We create disruptive innovations for the digital transformation

Who we are

Top-notch development company working with local & international emerging, mid-size, growing and large companies. We implement strategies, innovations and digital transformation into our customers operations.

Our purpose

We exists to bring innovation to companies of any size with the use of technology that improves operations, performance, security, automatization and profitability.

How we work

At Smarttie we adapt to each customer needs, either by working as an extension of their internal team or by creating a project from scratch, helping them transform and grow their organizations.

How it works

WE'RE MORE THAN A Development company

We coordinate an innovative outlook and an organized methodology for the maximum benefit of our customers. Whether it's an app, website or a e-commerce platform Smarttie makes it simple in 3 key steps:

Idea: As soon as we learn about your needs, we begin building a team able to complete your mission on time and in line with users’ and stakeholders’ expectations.

Kickoff & Development: Your brand-new software development powerhouses work back-to-back together to put your solution in motion. To ensure that app functionality succeed at the speed of innovation our code artists build expertise across the latest platforms.

Ramp Up: Fresh off the release, we scale the product to keep up with your continuous expansion.

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