Tecnolite is a company specialized in the distribution of lighting solutions. They had been using an outdated website as a catalog to attend different user types with the same content. Such website had many weaknesses that was preventing Tecnolite to exploit its potential to reach new markets while preserving the existing customer base.


The main challenge was to plan, analyze and develop a multi-country, multi-language custom-made web page that delivers targeted content and a custom user experience based on navigation behavior that increases conversion rates with the use of Artificial Intelligence and optimized search experience.

The solution

We ended up creating an intelligent cloud-based web platform that monitors and reacts to the user navigation behaviour, dynamically changing the delivered content and the overall user experience. Such analysis was done on real time with AI that predicted the user type that was browsing the site.

With the help of React.js and Google Cloud, we were able to provide the capability needed to support peak times with near-to-zero downtimes. As the web platform connected directly to SAP Hybris, we were able to mitigate data duplicity which was a common problem prior our engagement with the project.


With the brand new web site in place we were able to mitigate all of the key issues we identified on the first stage of the project: we completely eliminated the data duplicity problem, saving thousands of hours of work to the operations team; we delivered targeted content to the user which considerably improved the provided experience, enabling him to find what he was looking for in a few clicks, improving conversion rates.



Tecnolite / Vértice Comunicación


Jan, 2019


E-commerce, UI/UX Design, Web App, DevOps & CloudOps

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