Mexico’s urban areas remain highly commuting to work by car. Where 3 out of 10 inhabitants use it daily. Due to this demand, the parking supply is scarce, which translates into limited spaces, use of parking meters that are inflexible and expensive or the search and loss of time for public parking spaces. This subject leaves the driver in the dilemma of leaving it in distant places to their destination.

Another point to highlight is that the composition and architecture of the average houses in Mexico are different from other parts of the world and in the country, a large part of the facade corresponds to the parking door of that house, for that reason, the public space to park is very small or zero.

Given this background, “Car-e” a Mexican startup decides to create an alternative for this problem.


Develop a mobile app and a web site offering a platform to find parking availability in house’s assigned spaces, where the resident of the house, registers it as available and rents his space for a lower price to formal parking businesses. In this way, negotiation is concentrated where both parties win.

The solution

We built a new mobile experience for Android and a Panel Web using different technologies such as Java, Kotlin, Php, Bootstrap, MySQL, React.js, Laravel, Heroku and Conekta. We delivered on the basis of a very strong user experience, with a secure cloud-based infrastructure and scalable architecture to enable easier addition of functionality in future releases.


Since the beginning of the project, one of the main concerns for the Car-e team was the challenge to create a digital product with no in-house engineers. That concern was quickly discarded when they saw tangible results since the first weeks.

The first version of the product has been tested by beta users who have expressed incredible acceptation and have highlighted the easy it was to use the app to find a parking spot. Now with its MVP in place, Car-e will be able to continue its journey by looking a series B round of investment.





Mar, 2019


MVP, M-commerce, Mobile App, Web App, DevOps & CloudOps, UI/UX Design

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